Adding / Configuring an Oracle Standby To Oracle Enterprise Manager

After adding a Data Guard Standby database node to our list of managed systems, the node showed a red arrow – and that a database shutdown or recovery is in process.

For regular database nodes you usually use the Oracle User DBSNMP – Oracle user account for agent monitoring and connect as a “NORMAL” Oracle user.

A standby database is in recovery, Oracle’s documentation does not explicitly state this (at least anywhere I can find), to monitor a standby database properly the configuration in OEM – for a standby node – should be to Oracle’s SYS user as SYSDBA type connect, NOT a NORMAL type connection.

This makes sense when you think about it, a standby database is in “managed recovery” and the only way to connect to an instance in that state is as SYS AS SYSDBA.

I initially set this up with the standard DBSNMP user and the instance status always showed  RED / and displayed an error.  To make matters worse, the username field is not editable until you change the connect type to SYSDBA (not intuitive at all) – only then can you change the username to SYS… so much for that great OEM documentation.  Even / Oracle Support doesn’t have anything on this “feature”.

So now all of our OEM standby database arrows are green… green is good…

Hope this helps, Mike

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