Apex Listener 2 Displays Blank Page – is a bug fixed by patch # 16760897

I was attempting to implement the standalone version of Oracle Apex Listener 2 – and getting blank pages.

Prior to this I was successfully using EPG ( embedded PL/SQL gatway) to access Apex but changed to take advantage of PDF printing in APEX Listener 2.

Problem was page kept coming up blank – and all the forums, google, metalink etc. tried to tell me it was a problem with not pointing to the images.

Well I knew I was pointing to images correctly.  Here is the command to explicitly start Apex Listener 2 and point at an images directory in standalone mode:

java -jar apex.war standalone –apex-images D:\app\Apex422Setup\apex\images

After a couple days of googling, and using metalink (this fix was not in metalink …) I finally I found a forum that got to the source of the problem (http://localhost:8080/apex displaying a blank page) – an Oracle / Apex specific bug.

Bug # is 16760897.  Fix is in patch # p16760897_422_Generic.zip.  The problem probably rears it’s ugly head no matter how you deploy the listener, standalone, glassfish, and Weblogic… I believe.

Also you can get Apex 4.2.2 to display the login page without the patch by using the following form of the url:


Once you hit this URL the problem goes away until the cache is cleared – only a temporary fix. Or you apply the patch.

SQL> select * from apex_release;


Hope this helps, Mike